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Lacanian Psychologist and Psychotherapist 

I'm a Lacanian Psychoanalyst.

I have worked with adults and adolescents.

Psychological disease starts when something in the mind goes wrong, but it's not always possible to name it.

It could be a symptom, perhaps a psychosomatic disease, an obsession, or a blocked desire. Alternatively, an unidentified disease that makes you feel distress or panicked.

A psychoanalytic treatment could help drive the patient to use the unconscious mind to understand what has happened and to become better equipped for the future. 


and Panic


We can imagine anxiety as an oil slack that is spreading, covering every aspect of everyday life. Often anxiety originates from stressful work situations, and may cover something deeper such as anguish or stress.

As the anxiety increases, a person becomes fixeted with controlling all areas of their life, but it's impossible. It could stem from an insecure relationship with a partner or with parents since chilhood, for example.

The way to treat anxiety is to work on this vicious cycle, starting with personal expectations, and to rebuild confidence that can help to take on new challenges. 

What happens during a panic attack? 

In everyday life something suddenly appears, something that is disquieting, with various physical symptoms, not caused by a medical problem. 

A panic attack is like an energy explosion which can't be identified. Therefore the person doesn't know what to do with that energy. Psychoanalytical therapy can help find the path to use this energy in a positive and useful way.

Mood Disorders

Depression is linked to an every day loss of desire, pleasure, interest for work and other factors.

People who are depressed feel like there is something in their life that is always lost.

They are constantly looking at this loss, they are alone with their offended narcissism. 

In this continuous search there could also be their solution. During the analytic sessions, people can use their ability of meditating to find what can help them feel better.


Adolescents or teenagers, what are their peculiarities?

This is a delicate age for a person, when everything changes. They are called to find their way, make their choices, and prove their ability to be responsible.

Their body changes, and they need to reassess their image, not only regarding the body, but also the concept of themselves.

They are confused, they look for someone to talk to and to confide in, but at the same time they don't want to talk, or they say something and do the opposite.

In each case they are speaking about something that needs to be listened to.


People with this disease are often challenged by limits: with food, relationships, work or studies. It is always "too much", or "too little", never the right amount.

By refusing food, they attempt to distance themselves from others because they struggle to express themselves in a measured way. For this reason, they become unsure other people's intentions, and often food is a way to control these relationships and express their malaise at the same time.

Trying to establish a connection between the extreme behavior, the need to control it through food, and also the anguish felt about others, it can help them find a turning point.

Couple Issues or

Often, it all starts with little misundertandings that are blown up of proportion. It could be something not said, or something said in the wrong way, perhaps episodes of anger regarding annoying habits which up until then had not been a problem. These are all signs of something failing in a couple's relationship, but they are unable to communicate about these issues.

If the couple wish to work on solving these problems, a psychoanalyst could help them to find a new way to communicate, so they could finally get out of this unhappy cycle.


After the birth of a baby everything changes, and a couple has to find a new balance. 

This can be a difficult transition and that can be made easier with professional help.

Talking about these changes with a third party can be useful for the couple to navigate their way through this new period in their lives and their new role as parents.  

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